All fintech integrations
in one smooth place

Strawbay is a floating harbour island way up in the cloud. We function as a port connecting an ever-evolving myriad of software that are commonly used in fintech. It’s time to anchor up and make your systems cloudworthy!

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    The game changer in
    fintech integrations

    Connecting your system to others can be a true game changer, but getting there is a somewhat daunting and complex task.

    To succeed you need the right competence, developers, and business relations. This is why Strawbay exist. We’ve done all the work for you!

    Automate and simplify for your customers

    Gain deeper insights from your data streams

    Increase the control over your integrations

    Save development costs and enjoy quick TTM

    Security aspects & Tech

    Security plays a vital role in any iPaaS solution. Data needs to be transported and stored in a safe way together with login credentials and API keys. We take data privacy seriously and apply a privacy by default approach.

    Regarding tech, we try to keep things as clean an hassle-free as possible. We use synchronous and asynchronous microservices that scales up and down. For horizontal scaling we use nosql.

    Hosted in the EU

    Privacy by default

    Encryption of data


    Acnhor up and learn more?

    Is it time to anchor up? We’d love to tell you more about the technical aspects of Strawbay and how we can help you leverage the power of connecting key systems in your business.