All fintech integrations
in one smooth place

Strawbay is a floating harbour island way up in the cloud. We function as a port connecting an ever-evolving myriad of software that are commonly used in fintech. It’s time to anchor up and make your systems cloudworthy!

The game changer in
fintech integrations

Connecting your system to others can be a true game changer, but getting there is a somewhat daunting and complex task. You need the right competence, developers, and business relations. This is why Strawbay exist.

Automate and simplify for your customers

Gain deeper insights from your data streams

Increase the control over your system integrations

Save a bunch of development costs and enjoy quick TTM

Who’s Strawbay for?

Among our customers you find Banks, Credit institutes, Fintechs, ERPs and different Niche systems. We mainly work with Product, Implementation and Technology Officers.

The common denominator is that they want to achieve some type of competitive improvement back office and/or for their customers, by connecting one or several systems.

Code or no-code integrations

There’s no requirement to be able to code to use our platform. Everything’s readymade, both system connections and flows containing series of API calls and other types of process automations.

However, developers also loves us. Strawbay can be used as a fundamental building block in your projects, gaining access to key fintech APIs through one single proxy.

What types of integrations?

The most common type is Cloud-based integrations in the fintech sphere. However, we’re not afraid of opening up on-prems to the rest of the world. Strawbay have six main integration areas that we focus on.

KYC & Risk management

Payment processing



Business Intelligence

Internal systems

Learn more or reach out?

Is it time to contact us and set sails, or do you prefer learning more about the technical aspects of Strawbay?